Privacy Policy

WhatsApp & Usage Policy

– The Customer shall adhere to all the terms & conditions set by WhatsApp at all times. WhatsApp may update WhatsApp Business Policy without notice; by continuing to use the WhatsApp Business Products after such change, Customer consents to such changes.

– The Customer is not in violation of the WhatsApp Commerce Policy, and not in any of the restricted industries.

– WhatsApp may add limits to businesses on the number of messages to send per day. All Customers must adhere to this Messaging Limit (

– WhatsApp has the absolute discretion to review, approve or reject any Message Templates (as defined in WhatsApp documentations) at any time. 

– Customer agrees to ensure full compliance with WhatsApp Policies regarding sending of messages

– WhatsApp does not offer a way to be notified when a user has blocked your sender, or to retrieve a list of users who have blocked you. 

– Any violation of these WhatsApp policies may lead to suspension of the number by WhatsApp. WhatsApp has absolute discretion to limit or remove Customer’s access to or use of the WhatsApp Business Products if Customer receives excessive negative feedback, causes harm to WhatsApp or WhatsApp’s users, or violates or encourages others to violate our terms or policies, as determined by WhatsApp in our sole discretion. If WhatsApp terminates your account for violations of relevant WhatsApp Business terms or policies, WhatsApp may prohibit Customer and Customer organization from all future use of WhatsApp products.

– Avalanche shall take no responsibility in case of any such violations. Any additional charges arising due to this shall be borne by the Customer.

– Once registered on Avalanche, Customers cannot reuse the WhatsApp number on WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp mobile app. The Customer owns the phone number. 


WhatsApp Onboarding & Verification Terms

– WhatsApp imposes reviews, such as Facebook business verification ( to ensure the quality of businesses using WhatsApp products. These requirements are prerequisites to use WhatsApp Business API, and Avalanche. WhatsApp has absolute discretion to approve Customer’s usage of WhatsApp products. Avalanche will assist with the application and submission process

– By using Avalanche, clients agree to the setup for WABA and WhatsApp business API, and will provide all the prerequisite documents as required by Whatsapp & Facebook.


WhatsApp Message Policy

– WhatsApp may change acceptable message types and related policies at their absolute discretion at all times.

– The Customer may only initiate chats if you are sending a transactional notification, and only via approved Message Templates (as defined in WhatsApp documentation), subject to applicable pricing. Any Message Templates must comply with WhatsApp’s terms, and only be used for their designated purpose. WhatsApp has the right to review, approve and reject any Message Template at any time. — Customer acknowledges that they are responsible for the variable Message Template costs, billed by Avalanche. 

– If a person initiates a chat with Customer, you may continue that conversation via WhatsApp for up to 24 hours after the last message sent to you by that person without charge (“Customer Service Window”). Outside of the Customer Service Window, Customer may only send messages via approved Message Templates, for which Avalanche will bill and charge Customer the applicable rate.

– Customer may use automation when responding during the Customer Service Window, but must also have available prompt, clear, and direct escalation paths to human agents.



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