How it Works: Fintech

Our referrall flow can be 100% fully embedded inside your app & website. 


“Invite Your Friend”

Embed our Invite Your Friend dashboard into your mobile app or website. The text, color & style are customizable to fit those of your platform. 

Invite by email or share via messaging apps

Your users will be able to to: 1) share a link to your platform + referral code from their device via popular messaging apps 2) import their email contacts and bulk invite to selected ones by email

Friend Receives Invite Link

Friend receives a link & linked referral code to your app on the App Store or your website. The deep link carries the info of the referral code inside, and Avalanche will use that to link the newly signed up user to the first user that referred them, so that you can reward them appropriately.

First Deposit – Get Reward


As soon as the signed up referred user achieves the premium event, rewards can be given out. This premium event can be anything – for example, in fintech it would make sense to pick an event when the user makes a $100+ deposit to your platform. Wherever this happens within your code, just add one more line of code that will ping our server and let us know that the user has achieved the reward earning milestone. 


Referral flow thats fully embedded inside your app/website


Our entire referral flow lives inside of your mobile app or website. It will look and feel like designed by your engineers – you can control the style and color of each element. Its deployed through an SDK/API – so you can mold the flow 100%.


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