Avalanche helps startups launch legendary referral programs without coding

Here is how:

1) Every part of the referral program is embedded in your site. Put the “invite-your-friends” dashboard anywhere along the customer’s journey – ask for referrals after signup, after purchase, or after they earn their first $


2) Go from “please don’t forget to share this referral code” to “click here to share on facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or export your contacts and we’ll email them for you”

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You have complete flexibility in choosing how the referral flow functions within your application: 

1. Deploy “invite friends by email” screen and “your referrals who joined” dashboard anywhere in your app with one line of code

2. Define any custom event as “referral reward worthy”. Wherever the event is triggered, pass the callback avalanche.Premium(‘user_email’)

3. Modify the experience for referred users by connecting them with referrers however you like

End-to-end invite by email flow 

Most common mistake startups make with referral flow is stopping halfway: generate a unique code and ask customers to share on their own. But your customer will not remember to send a message to their friends with the referral link on their own – you need to handle this for them, with an end-to-end referral flow. With just one click inside of your application, customers should be able to auto-share the invite with their selected contacts.

Avalanche handles this for you – all you need to do is choose where in your application do you want to show this flow to your customers: 

1. Avalanche allows your customers to share their email contacts by authenticating through google

2. Sends emails to their friends on their behalf with sign up link + referral code

3. Tracks Sign Ups via shared referral codes


Your customers will be able to see which of their friends accepted the invitations, signed up, and upgraded. This incentivizes them to follow up. 


We track each individual referred user’s journey – from first visit to your site to sign up and any subsequent account progress. You can use our admin dashboard to:

1. Identify power users that make successful referrals

2. Find bottlenecks that prevent referred users from signing up

3.  Discover successful viral referral chains


Our anti-fraud protects your referrals from abuse. We detect and prevent any bots or malware from using the referrals system, as well as identify the authenticity of all referrals. Our ML system helps us flag high risk accounts as fraudulent

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Best in-class proactive email invite system

Avalanche comes with an end-to-end proactive invite via email solution:
1. Ask your users for referrals

2. Allow them to share their contact by authenticating via google.

3. Generate referral links and send the invites to those emails in the background

4. Display a dashboard to your users to track which of their referrals have accepted

Our Story

We started off as a group of friends working on a real estate startup. Lead generation was the lifeblood of our business, and soon we learned that cold calls and emails stopped working for us beyond the first 100 customers. Our sights turned towards inbound and word-of-mouth growth. 

After two months of hard work, we had a referral system we were proud of. Our sign-ups were growing rapidly, and we knew referrals was a winning formula. 

On our next venture, we decided to share our awesome system with fellow founders. We love seeing awesome B2C projects reach mass adoption, and we hope that our SDK will be a faithful companion to you in this journey.


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